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  • Medical Day Care & Extended Stay Pet Boarding

    Prairie Animal Hospital offers veterinary medical day care and extended stay medical veterinary boarding services. Medical day care and boarding is available for veterinary patients requiring around-the-clock medical monitoring or those pets requiring medication be given at regular intervals.

  • Pets with chronic medical conditions and those receiving ongoing treatments or rehabilitation from surgery require a competent veterinary facility with access to a full range of medical services. Our hospital meets that need with comprehensive medical day care and boarding. For pets in the recovery phase or those with continuing care requirements, choose PAH medical boarding services for our veterinary experience and our high standard of care.

    We are experienced in medical maintenance of all veterinary conditions. Boarding patients are offered care tailored to their specific needs including medication, handling, and all types of veterinary treatments.

  • Benefits of Boarding

    Experience—All medical conditions accepted
    Monitoring—Daily medical assessments by veterinarians if needed
    Options—Day stays and extended stays available
    Treatment—medical boarding, medical services, surgeries
    Peace of mind—Capable of handling any veterinary emergency

    You want the best when you are away and worry that things won't be done right. Rest assured that your pet's care is our top priority.

  • When boarding your pet with us, please bring these items:

    • Any specific veterinary instructions that will help us to care for your pet
    • Medications and neutraceuticals in their original and labeled bottles
    • Copies of your pet’s latest veterinary records, including proof of vaccination
    • Your pet’s regular food and treats

    We supply all boarding patients with food and water bowls and comfy, cozy bedding. Of course, you may bring these items from home if you prefer. If they are on a special diet we do recommend bringing it from home.